Better Business Basics offers much more than basics for employees!


Better Business Basics has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in the Australian Business Awards 2015. Founded by Annie Flanagan as a single bookkeeper offering data entry and accounts maintenance in 2006, BBB is now the largest non-franchise bookkeeping and accounting process specialist in Australia. The company employs 30 people, with a further 3 people added per month as a part of their ‘1000 day plan.’

Employees at BBB are given flexible work schedules, with staff able to accrue Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) and cash these hours in for occasions such as school holidays or other leave when they require it. Staff are also provided with ongoing training and upskilling as a part of their employment. A Profit Share Program (PSP) is an important aspect of the company, which is a bonus system offered to all employees based on their hard work and achievements. BBB maintains a safe and happy work environment, ensuring that the workplace is bully and harassment free. Occasionally self-assessment is available through an anonymous online survey that staff undertake to point out any issues that they have with the company, allowing for the resolution of internal issues.