A Quintessential plan for employee success


Established in 2010, Quintessential Equity provides wholesale clients investment opportunities in medium to large scale property assets capable of returning high yields and strong capital growth. Quintessential Equity employ a team of 15 people, who work within a company ethos that emphasises integrity as the essence of success.

Quintessential base their workplace culture on integrity, respect, responsibility, innovation and sustainability – which are designed to foster a collaborative company culture where staff support one another and enjoy working together. Workplace culture aims to nurture talent, embrace diversity and reward outstanding performance. Managers regard mistakes as necessary and are almost encouraged, as there is a belief that they can be a result of innovative thinking and are always worth the risk.

This is closely tied to the company’s professional development commitments, which include an internal mentorship program that allows junior members to work alongside co-directors. The importance of celebrating success is recognised by a practice that includes the ringing of a large brass bell in the middle of the office to mark achievements by staff members. Quintessential have also introduced an employee incentive scheme referred to as the ‘Quintessential Profit Share and Direct Investment Scheme’. The incentive scheme allows employees to co-align their own successes with that of the company. It also allows employees to invest in properties they are directly involved with every day.

The company is preparing to significantly overhaul its HR practices with the launch of a new online system that will act as a centralised platform to house all HR and talent management processes. This system will help to ensure the effective continuation of existing HR principles. This includes tailored induction processes with one-on-one meetings with all employees, flexible working arrangements and a $200 allowance towards health-related items or initiatives such as gym memberships.

Their commitment to their employees has seen Quintessential Equity named as an Employer of Choice in the Australian Business Awards 2016 .Quintessential Equity Chief Executive Officer, Shane Quinn, said receiving recognition as an Employer of Choice reflects the company’s core principles and team commitment.“We constantly strive to be the best in all areas and aim to attract and keep the best talent by offering a career that allows staff a work place to enjoy what they do and who they do it with,” Mr Quinn said. “It is an exciting time for Quintessential Equity and we are committed to continuing to enhance our internal culture while providing our people with the opportunity to prosper and grow within the organisation.”

Employee health and safety is a shared responsibility at Quintessential and is embodied through their ‘don’t walk past something that’s broken’ philosophy, which encourages OH&S initiative and vigilance. Employees are also encouraged to undertake external professional development, including post-graduate qualifications that are designed to complement internal peer-to-peer training. Workplace culture is further enhanced by regular two-way performance reviews, thereby allowing staff to give and receive feedback with management throughout their career.