SAP, Employer of Choice, operates on a global scale


SAP is a leading enterprise application software company specialising in distinct solutions for small businesses, mid-sized companies and global organisations. Whilst SAP operates globally in more than 190 countries, SAP Australia and New Zealand is predominately a sales and delivery organisation. As such, SAP employees in Australia assist in the areas of HR, legal, marketing, IT, facilities and procurement.

SAP’s management model acts as a unifying framework that defines their organisational activities and performance measurement processes. This model is characterised by a ‘Run Simple’ operating principle, which begins with leadership and focuses on collaboration and reduced complexity. This extends to SAP’s commitment to maintaining an engaged and diverse workforce that they are able to retain through the promotion of best practice human resources management.

SAP have made it their mission to transform their entire operation into a global “Learning Culture” where everyone is both a teacher and a learner. As such, the company have created an extensive learning curriculum that’s available via an online platform called SuccessMap. This platform allows employees to make the most of innovative cloud technology to learn anytime, anywhere through the use of mobile devices. The platform tracks employee development plans, which provides a comprehensive avenue for performance reviews in conjunction with managers. This then ties in closely to remuneration and rewards programs, which include schemes that encompass share options and independently competitive benefits programs.

SAP also provide a Global Health & Safety Management policy, which acts as a framework aimed at supporting business processes and leadership practices that are consistent with best practice health and safety. This program is regularly evaluated through employee surveys and includes flexible working options, health education and cultural diversity education that embodies an “Embrace Differences” commitment.

SAP have been recognised in the Australian Business Awards 2016 as an Employer of Choice. HR Director, Lisa Christy, noted that the award was a testament to the company’s mangers and employees. “Our President and Managing Director’s mantra of ‘a Better Me creates a Better Us and, ultimately, a Better Business’ underpins how we run at SAP Australia and New Zealand,” Ms Christy said.

Lisa Christy, HR Director ANZ: “Our President and Managing Director’s mantra of ‘a Better Me creates a Better Us and, ultimately, a Better Business’ underpins How We Run at SAP Australia and New Zealand.

“We have rolled out numerous initiatives that support and drive employee engagement, with examples including:

  • Our holistic health and wellbeing programme, including physical, mental, financial and career wellbeing.
  • Dedicated learning and development opportunities for our people leaders, women, experts and high performers.
  • An established Diversity and Inclusion Council, with a mature, extensive and measurable strategy driving initiatives across gender intelligence, generational intelligence, culture and identity, and differently-abled.
  • Partnerships with The Smith Family and the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation to bridge the youth unemployment gap while increasing awareness of IT related job opportunities.

“In the past year some of our notable successes include:

  • The launch of Autism at Work, where we have and will continue to hire people on the autism spectrum.
  • Being recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality by WGEA.
  • Partnering with Pride in Diversity to launch Pride@SAP and raise awareness of our LGBTI community.

“SAP Australia and New Zealand is proud to be recognised as an Employer of Choice by the ABA. It is a testament to the great work done by our managers and employees. For more information, visit”

SAP have been recognised as an Employer of Choice in the Australian Business Awards 2016.