Karrikins Group gives back into the community


Founded in 2001, Karrikins Group is a growth-oriented consulting firm specialising in business transformation and community investment. Employing 120 staff who deliver programs in more than 15 countries, Karrikins Group have defined their workplace culture as “How We Rolls” – because it’s just how they roll.

This includes values that are decided on by and with employees, such as: pursuit of better, answer the call, systematic execution, commercial savviness and kindred (having each other’s back). Driving this workplace culture is an emphasis on positive feedback, the development of close team connections and ongoing training. In an effort to ensure that their company develops and maintains its culture, employees experience How We Rolls from the induction stage which is done face-to-face and covers everything from standards to Work, Health and Safety (WHS) training. How We Rolls is considered the highest authority in the business and encompasses a range of employee activities, including team night outs, lunchtime sports and an internal social-network, Yammer, which is a place for staff to share everything from their music interests to interesting articles or photos.

Training and development is a major investment for Karrikins, who combine in-house and external training that’s tailored to individuals. This includes an internal training program that reviews facilitators in a school environment to ensure their performance and impact are continually improving. Facilitators received personalised feedback and support through the Facilitator Impact Tool (FIT) and undertake coaching sessions. Employees who demonstrate success through the system are designated as FIT GrandMasters and are rewarded with a certificate, pin and reward amount.

This complements a formal performance appraisal system that’s operated through an online platform that integrates with FIT. Employees are evaluated based on performance and alignment with the How We Rolls ethos. This is tied to an extensive benefit package that includes novated leasing and salary packaging for new vehicles; a rewards and discount site; and flexible working conditions. Additionally, the company maintains a strong focus on promoting a healthy, safe and supportive environment for all staff. Karrikins Group CEO, Jason Hincks, said providing a work environment where employees feel valued is a key factor in helping the company to achieve its goals. “Along with fostering a positive culture that encourages employees to be their authentic selves, while having a positive impact on their community, we drive initiatives and benefits that put our people at the centre of all we do,” Mr Hincks said. “We want to provide our employees first and foremost with a healthy, safe and supportive place to work and put a lot of focus and resource on development and training, delivered in a fun and relaxed environment.”

In the last two years, Karrikins have embarked on strategically driving and embedding vital WHS and mental health initiatives into their workplace culture. Recognising that employees thrive when they feel professionally and personally supported, the company aims to drive initiatives that do more than just tick boxes. To this end they’ve developed an employee assistance program that provides counselling hours as a confidential service to promote mental wellbeing and general. In recognition of the dedication Karrikins Group shows to their employees the company has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in the Australian Business Awards 2016.