awarded for stress-free payment solutions


Officially launched in January 2015, aims to utilise technology to enable contract parties, primarily in the building and construction industry, to administer payment claims online efficiently and effectively. By encouraging collaboration between parties via a web interface, is designed to enable data, documents and information to be shared between organisations in real time. recognised that the current claims process is largely paper-based, manual and inefficient. Where technology is employed it is often not designed to assist in collaboration between the participants. As such, have tried to provide a single view of status claims, variations, retention and practical completions for general contractors, sub-contractors and other parties. The software platform is cloud-based, enabling it to be accessed anywhere and has been designed to be user friendly.

With a goal of having Australia’s top 100 builders using, the company has undergone an extensive process of product development predicated on user experience. An array of qualitative data, such as chatting with site managers, as well as quantities data from analytics was used to ensure both ease-of-use for end clients and that the product met their business needs. This process includes regular product updates, which are designed to meet customer demand and assist the company’s sales department with bringing on new clients.

In alignment with their company goals, product marketing is implemented on a push-pull basis and focuses primarily on the top 100 construction companies. The goal of this ‘push’ based marketing is to book product demonstrations with the intent of generating high conversion rates. These major construction companies then mandate use of the software to their subcontractors – further ‘pushing’ the software for use. The secondary focus is pulling subcontractors to the website to sign up to monthly plans. This pull strategy is done by pure digital marketing; AdWords, social media, email and banner campaigns.’s focus on ease-of-use, fast implementation and industry integration and extensive feedback mechanisms has helped it assist clients with significantly reducing the time they spend on built contract administration. has been recognised with a Business Innovation Award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.