Great Marketing Essential in the industry NSR plays in.


NSR has established itself as an innovative leader in the recruiting of Australian and New Zealand high school sport fanatics and placing them in American tertiary programs that allow them to practice their sport of choice. The organisation doesn’t just offer assistance to the best of the best, but to students with a wide range of athletic abilities.

Being the only company of its kind with this sort of support, the organisation has endorsements from governing bodies of sport around Australia and New Zealand. Operating in a unique industry NSR covers a niche market, and works out to find out what different US schools are looking for. NSR Australia began by first visiting almost all US schools and working out what each one is looking for specifically in recruits.

The information gathered is crucial to NSR promoting students to programs that would suit them specifically. Being able to tailor their recruits to different programs has allowed NSR to have a high placement rate for its applicants. This dedication has seen NSR recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2015 for Marketing Excellence.