Apricus creates dual Solar Domestic Hot Water & Pool Heating System.


Apricus have designed a combined Solar Hot Water and Pool Heating System with evacuated tube collectors. The system’s focus feature is that it handles the demands of domestic hot water and heats up the pool simultaneously. There are limited services like this, forcing home owners to buy two separate systems.

The system that Apricus has created solves several problems that many existing similar solar systems currently have. Many solar pool heating systems on the market require a large roof area, and many domestic solar hot water systems are built to only handle summer demands. If they were built at a size that would handle winter demands, excess energy would be created and potentially cause damage and wastage.

The Apricus combined system solves both these issues by not requiring a large roof area and catering for winter demand without damage or wastage. The product reduces energy cost, limits harmful emissions, heats the pool more effectively and saves home owners the cost and inconvenience of having to purchase two different systems.

As a result, the Apricus Solar Hot Water and Pool Heating System has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Product Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2015.

Chris Taylor, Director, Apricus Australia said “It is an honour, and we are extremely proud to be awarded the Australian Business Award for Product Innovation.

“Continuous improvement is instilled in everything we do, and in the competitive solar and hot water market. We are constantly pushing ourselves to think laterally and develop new energy efficient technologies that challenge the status-quo in both domestic and commercial markets…”