iconnect360 sets out to revolutionise the gym industry


iconnect360 is cloud-based software made specifically for owners of gyms, clubs or fitness centres designed to enhance the customer experience. The software handles a range of tasks, from online membership sign up and online booking to handling billing needs.

The software is currently used across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and New Zealand. The sales app section of the software is revolutionary, as the customer can view the membership agreement, take a member photo and complete the payment process from any location.

The software is environmentally friendly by eliminating the need for paper completely. A great deal of time is saved that would otherwise be spent on paperwork, allowing staff to spend more time generating revenue. Gym, fitness or other similar clubs in the past have been forced to use several different types of software to complete the same job that icloud360 does on its own. icloud360 streamlines the complications surrounding using several programs and piles all these features into one.

The iconnect360 software is constantly being reviewed and updated by the Ezypay technical team to ensure the product runs smoothly for clients. Weekly meetings are held by the team, in which they review client feedback and use this to make the software a better experience for all involved.

Due to this continued excellence, EZYPAY has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Best Cloud Product and Best Product Value in the Australian Business Awards 2015.