Secure Parking grows revenue through marketing


Secure Parking founded its business on changing the way in which people perceive Car Parking and branding a product that people find difficult to differentiate. Dating back to 1979 when the company saw a retail opportunity within the car parking sector, the organisation has grown to 450 car parks across the state. In 2015 Secure Parking has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards.

The company absorbs 75% of the market share in Australia, but the organisation is a global one, with 1.2 million car spaces worldwide across 11 countries. Secure Parking decided to revamp its marketing strategy and set a body of new goals, being to generate $1.2 million in revenue from parking a month, and to increase web traffic by 30%. The overall marketing plan is divided into two sections, acquisition and retention. Since the implementation of the marketing strategy there has been an 83% increase in the number of Secure-a-Spot transactions, a 132% increase in monthly revenue, and 142% increase in new users each month.