Secure Parking changes how people park with new online service.


Labelled as a ‘game-changer,’ in the Australian Parking Industry, Secure Parking’s new ‘Secure-a-Spot’ pre-booking service guarantees customers a spot and saves them money by booking ahead instead of when they arrive. In 2015 Secure Parking’s ‘Secure-a-Spot’ booking service has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Best New Product in the Australian Business Awards.

The product was designed to break down the price barrier that exists in the parking industry. Parking is renowned amongst consumers as a ‘grudge purchase,’ and to change this attitude Secure Parking has developed an online service that drops price and encourages people that use paid parking on rare occasions. The product also assists in dropping the negative connotations surrounding paid parking. Secure-a-Park provides a range of different products and is designed for all the different requirements and equipment in alternate Parking locations. The online service is basically an easy to use booking service, with a range of benefits including a loyalty program that allows customers to earn frequent flyer points with each transaction. VIP services are offered, Gift Cards, promotion codes, for a range of products that include weekly parking passes.