Kent Relocation Services a tailored fit service for each client


Kent Relocation Services is a global removals and relocations company whose headquarters is located in Australia. The company works across 180 countries, completing over 40,000 removals each year with 515 employees working in Australia alone. In 2015 Kent Relocation services has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards.

Kent prides itself on its “best practice solutions,” tailoring its services specifically for each client’s needs. The company has an excellent customer track record boasting an average of 95% client satisfaction, which they claim is due to their precise services. All clients are provided with an in-depth survey to complete regarding Kent’s services, which the organisation turns directly towards for improvement. Ensuring that their staff perform at a high calibre, they pay 15-25% above industry average wages, and provide employees with a range of benefits to keep them satisfied, which ultimately is reflected in the high standard of work completed. There is a dedicated Client Service Coordinator (CSC) who takes the customer through every step of the removals process, with one CSC per client to ensure the customer feels they are being dealt with as an individual, not a number.