The Netcomm NTC-140W gives customers fail-proof connection.


Netcomm has proven its technological prowess this year, excelling in innovation with its intelligent products. The NTC-140W leads the way in providing 4G to connected machines, enabling connectivity from remote, mobile devices such as public billboards and displays, digital vehicle signage, remote healthcare and emergency response. In 2015 Netcomm was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Business Awards for its NTC-140W device.

The device is the only one of its kind that qualifies for use on global 4G/LTE networks. Guaranteeing reliable connectivity the device is perfect for time critical systems including disaster recovery applications. In the event that 4G networks aren’t available, the device automatically searches and connects to networks that are available. Like other products developed by Netcomm, the NTC-140W is built for harsh industrial environmental conditions, constructed from built-to-last materials that repel extreme temperatures and shock. The device gives customers a fail proof connection, reduces costs and can be implemented in weak-signal-strength locations.