Energetics treats clients as partners.


Energetics guides businesses and government on energy and greenhouse emissions management. The company was first established by its founder Jon Jutsen in 1983, and has since grown into Australia’s leading energy and carbon advisory firm, working in partnerships with clients to reduce emissions whilst at the same time promoting business growth.

Being one of the first companies within Australia to achieve carbon neutrality, Energetics practices what it preaches. They work with a range of sustainable energy management groups including the Energy Efficiency Council and Sustainable Business Australia.

Energetics adopts a “C.A.R.E” (Clients Are Really Everything) approach to its business by having close relationships with clients. They also do this by focusing on key sectors of businesses that greatly effect carbon emissions and in which Energetics has experience with reducing cost and growing sustainability.

The company’s initiatives are aimed at meeting specific client demands and objectives, whilst their attitudes towards clients is akin to a partnership. This level of service has seen Energetics was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2015.