USANA Health Sciences goes nuts over nutrition bar


USANA Health Science is a global leader in health and nutrition, producing quality supplements, personal care, energy, and weight-management products. All of USANA’s food and skincare products use cutting-edge science and the latest medical advances to create products that are pure, ethically sourced and nutritionally efficient.

USANA follows Good Manufacturing Practices, meaning it treats nutritional supplements with the same care that goes into the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

In 2014, USANA launched the Go Nuts ‘N’ Berries Nutrition Bar, developed by a range of award-winning research scientists with a variety of backgrounds to bridge the nutritional snack gap.

This product saw USANA honoured as an ABA100 Winner for Best New Product in The Australian Business Awards 2014.

The Go Nuts ‘N’ Berries Nutrition Bar combines the antioxidant properties of cranberries and raisins and unsaturated nuts along with chia seeds and flaxseeds.

With less sugar than an apple, the snack is also low salt and contains just 150 calories. Go Nuts ‘N’ Berries is dairy-free, low GI and contains 500mg of omega 3 fats per bar, similar in quantity to that in a high quality fish oil. All ingredients are natural, gluten-free and suitable for vegans.