Litter removal becomes simple with Rufus & Coco


The pet brand Rufus & Coco launched their range in 2008, which includes vitamins, grooming and cleaning products, accessories and litter. Rufus & Coco pride themselves on solving consumer’s needs with well thought out products that make a genuine difference in pet’s lives. CEO, Rufus & Coco, Anneke Van den Broek, recognises that pets form an integral part of family life. “Pets offer us humans so much, especially in terms of mental and emotional health,” Ms Van den Broek said.

As cat owners themselves, the Rufus & Coco team understand the pain of trying to tip used litter into a plastic bag, as well as the struggle to find a place in the house to scrub out the unsanitary damp litter that sticks to the tray. Rufus & Coco Elasticised Litter Tray Liners are cat litter tray liners that are elasticised and gusseted for a perfect fit. To use, simply stretch the liner over the tray then fill with cat litter as usual. The elasticised liners will stay firmly in place, even through the most diligent pet’s rearranging. With these liners the potential for accidental spillage when changing the tray contents is substantially reduced.

Pet owners no longer need to tip litter mess into a separate bag; simply pop the liner sides back into the centre of the tray and whisk the whole thing away in seconds. Pleasantly scented and naturally degradable, Rufus & Coco Elasticised Litter Liners are a easy to use and a great choice for the environment. Rufus & Coco liners are made from polyethylene plastic blended with an additive called D2W®. This innovative additive causes regular plastic to degrade within six months, once exposed to heat, light and micro-organisms. The plastic degrades in the same way a leaf would only quicker, leaving no toxic residues or fragments of plastic behind. D2W® does not affect the performance of the plastic, meaning the liners are strong, flexible and durable without contributing to long-term landfill waste.

With a myriad of litter trays available for cat owners to purchase, the Rufus & Coco team have done their research and offer two sizes of liner – Standard & Large – to fit most trays. To continually improve on the product’s sales and performance, 2016 will see the launch of bulk packs of liners and the introduction of reinforced machine stitching for added durability.Innovation lies at the core of Rufus & Coco’s success in offering the most original, trusted and inspired products to ensure that furry, feathered and feline friends worldwide look good and feel great. Rufus & Coco are being recognised for a Product Excellence Award in the Australian Business Awards 2016 for their Elasticised Litter Tray Liners.

“Our success in building Rufus & Coco as Australia’s most awarded pet brand has been hard won, as most of our competitors are large multinationals that have well entrenched relationships with the major retailers,” Ms Van den Broek said. “We are determined to offer people and their fur babies a better and more original range of pet care products – one that really made makes pets happier, healthier and perhaps even a little more stylish.”