Sanitarium boasts low turnover rate and employee satisfaction.


Iconic Australian peanut butter and ready-to-eat breakfast cereal company Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing states that its purpose is to make a positive difference. The organisation was founded in 1898 and since then has been providing the community with healthy food options to enhance wellbeing.

Since its inception Sanitarium Health has operated as a 100% Australian owned company, with all profits donated to the Seventh Day Adventist Church to be returned to the community. The company has a turnover rate of around 1% per year, which is a lot lower than the market average. Sanitarium puts this down to selecting the right people for the right job. A suite of e-Learning programs are offered to staff that provide on the job training, off site training, retreats, workshops, peer coaching and webinars. Every 6 and 12 months there are salary reviews, with progression based closely on behaviours, development and performance. Annual Christmas gift cards are given to all employees, service recognition for career milestones and employee of the month programs are implemented to reward hard working staff.

In 2015 Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards.