Realmark empowers women in real estate


Realmark Property Group started in 1989 and focuses on client relationships through selling and leasing property and working in consultation to deliver premium results for every individual client. The company offers a comprehensive range of services including facilitating property purchase and sales, property management, and strata management for both residential and commercial clients.

Realmark wanted to develop a unique online experience, where consumers could engage with experts, information and other members of the public in a variety of ways. To achieve this, Realmark created an innovative online marketing strategy comprised of two key parts: a unique website and its social media channels. The website serves as a connective hub for consumers and employees and a digital space where people could learn, discover and connect.

Through its website, Realmark provides information via video exchanges, after-hours live chat, personalised profiles, and a website blog. Social media channels act as a means to drive referrals to its website, giving Realmark full-control over how its corporate identity is conveyed. Through five social media channels, Realmark promotes its website blog, shares feel good content such as real estate tips, run competitions and more. Since the strategy’s launch, Facebook has become the number one referrer to Realmark’s website, a true testament to the strategy’s success. In 2014, Realmark was awarded for its efforts and recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Marketing Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2014.

Realmark also garnered the award for Human Resource Management for their commitment to empowering women in real estate. After attending a conference in 2000, Executive Director Anita Percudani realised that Realmark Real Estate Group needed to do more than simply being aware and accommodating to women, they needed to nurture their ideas and encourage them to be leaders. To develop a deeply ingrained support system, the team researched other real estate agencies alongside broader industries to discover if any existing frameworks for empowering women already existed. Results were disappointing, “While some companies maintained quotas for women in leadership, offered flexible hours and were supportive of maternal leave requirements, none appeared to adopt a systematic approach,” explained Percudani.

In response, Anita established the Successful Women in Business (SWB) to bring together women in business to network, share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences. More senior women in business mentor less experienced women, providing a support network where members can grow and enhance their skills. Women in Leadership is a program specifically for Realmark women in leadership position and provides one-one one private mentoring, networking and access to inspirational speakers. A Community Connect program was developed to supports local charities and gives women and men greater meaning and value in their working lives. This voluntary program helped raised more than $93,000 since 2010.