VACC exemplifies service excellence via apprenticeship program


The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) was established in 1918 and is the leading retail automotive association in Victoria, representing over 5,000 small and medium sized businesses in regional and metropolitan Victoria and Tasmania.

As an employer association, VACC advocates in the interests of its members and provides support services. It has extensive experience in providing advice to employers and employees of the automotive retail, service and repair sectors.

VACC was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2014.

“VACC believes that their Auto Apprenticeships Program exemplifies what service excellence by a Group Training Organisation can achieve,” said Leyla Yilmaz, general manager of employment and training.

The VACC Auto Apprenticeship program was set up to meet the skills of the retail automotive industry. Faced with the issue of attracting and retaining apprentices, the increased complexity of the vocational education and training sector, and the demand for people with higher education levels, VACC aims to provide and develop quality apprentices for an industry facing severe skills shortages.

Promoting the automotive industry as a career pathway is a core strategy of the VACC and includes initiatives such as paid traineeships for year 11 and 12 students while they complete their schooling.

Two dedicated field managers engage with schools, and are trained and experienced in dealing with issues such as poor work ethic, behaviour problems, mental and physical health issues, and learning requirements.

VACC Auto Apprenticeships has more than 220 carefully selected host employers across Victoria, with a formal partnership agreement with Kangan Institute. Currently employing 480 apprentices, VACC invests $1,149,659 in the training of apprentices.