Great working environment at Peard Real Estate.


Peard Real Estate understands that people will never love a company until the employees love it first. To foster that love the real estate organisation ensures that its employees are provided with a workplace in which they can flourish.

Peard’s ongoing goal is to have productive staff that they can manage to retain. Staff are provided with a range of benefits, rewards and incentives, including receiving the equivalent of 6% of their income to reinvest in personal or property marketing, team building and social activities, the ability to be involved in associations, sporting groups and charities, and pay above industry standards. A close bond exists between Peard Real Estate and its employees with regular performance reviews, mentoring and goal settings, bonus schemes, and rules set in place to make sure that staff are not overworked during times of growth. Executive management, Licensees, Corporate HR and Recruitment Teams meet regularly and brainstorm ideas to increase staff wellbeing.

Peard Real Estate know that happy staff generate sales so the company ensures that things work both ways. In 2015 Peard Real Estate has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Human Resource Management in The Australian Business Awards.