UniPhi’s Guide software turns a one month task, to a one minute task.


UniPhi developed the ‘Guide’ software for global construction company AECOM to provide a key end output application that lists a range of information on construction and infrastructure projects.

The software is designed for iPad, Android, and accessible through PC’s. The software is accessible from anywhere on the planet, and allows the user to estimate the entire cost to complete construction and infrastructure projects including, health buildings, education buildings, hotels, railways, commercial buildings and many more. The software can convert from imperial to metric, convert any currency, and most importantly estimate the cost to construct. The end estimate can be shared via email in PDF to the clients email address. Traditional estimation techniques that took one month to determine, the Guide software completed the same assessment in less than one minute with 0.5% accuracy.

In 2015 UniPhi has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Innovation in The Australian Business Awards.