Employee wellbeing is the priority of Civeo.


Civeo, formerly known as The MAC Services Group, is a provider of workforce accommodation for people who are working away from home, particularly in remote areas. 500 staff are employed nationally, with Civeo owning over 9,000 rooms in NSW, WA and Queensland.

The core strategy of HR at Civeo is to help people remain healthy and connected to their family and friends whilst living away from their home. Their commitment to this has seen Civeo has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Awards for Human Resource Management in 2015.

Civeo faces several challenges, including a high employee turnover rate, roster issues, workforce diversity and limited external training providers. The company has combated these issues with a variety of initiatives, including team meetings held weekly at each village, and implementing additional in-house training and development services.

Each village provides facilities including pool, gym, basketball and tennis courts that employees can use in down time. Recognition of service awards are given after one year of service, Christmas hampers and birthday cards for all employees, and special event celebrations are provided to keep staff happy and healthy, and to show gratitude for their achievements.