Customers at the centre of Amcom’s values


In 2012, Amcom acquired information technology company L7 Solutions. New values were needed to act as guiding principles to empower employees to make autonomous, confident choices to deliver exceptional customer service and reinforce the brand. Amcom’s Business Manager of Marketing, Jon Amery said “As a challenger brand, our success comes from positioning our customers at the centre of everything we do, internally and externally.”

This initiative led the recognition of Amcom as an ABA100 Winner for Brand Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2014, “We’ve achieved this success by aligning the core values of our people with our brand to create messaging that is both consistent and relevant throughout the customer journey,” continued Amery.

Amcom tailored surveys to analyse how its brand is perceived by customers and measure satisfaction in different business areas. A dedicated Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) team reviews customer feedback and makes recommendations on how AMCOM can improve customer satisfaction on a fortnightly basis. To reinforce its brand values internally, Amcom has developed a number of initiatives including Customer First Award and Amcom Achiever, a buddy program, Amtube video portal, a corporate health program, birthday leave, straight talk initiatives and breaking bread sessions between new starters and the CEO. Amcom leverages several high profile sponsorships including the Fremantle Dockers and the Hopman Cup to increase awareness both in Australia and internationally.