Booking Boss makes travel easy


Booking Boss is dedicated to the tour, activity and attraction industry and has consolidated a number of software systems to provide a unique platform for bookings and business management. Since launching, Booking Boss has processed over 500,000 bookings equating to more than $60 million in revenue for customers such as The National Zoo & Aquarium and Featherdale Wildlife Park in Australia.

An access all areas solution, the system infrastructure has grown to satisfy increased customer load and ensure stability, innovation and growth. Multiple cloud-servers help to balance traffic that spikes due to seasonality or marketing initiatives. Unique features have been tailored to meet the demands of the tourism industry including the ability to send weather notifications to customers, add-ons, point of sale systems and extensive financial and business reporting tools. Booking Boss is integral to the operation and growth of many small to medium size tourism businesses in Australia. Charging $1 per seat booked makes the software accessible to business large and small. Co-founder Renee Walsh said “the commercial significance of our product is best illustrated by highlighting statistics from the past six months of operation, which has accounted for around 184,000 bookings for our customers.”

Honoured as an ABA100 Winner for Best Software Product in The Australian Business Awards 2014, Booking Boss assists businesses to make the transition online, enhancing the level of accessibility for their customers and increasing their contribution to the Australian tourism industry and economy as a whole.