Virgin Mobile open to staff communication.


For the past 14 years Virgin Mobile has been operating as a telecommunications business in Australia. It is one of the countries big four telcos alongside Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Virgin has a network of 73 stores Australia-wide and also conducts its business online.

The organisation picks its team members based on several values that lay the foundation for the organisation including, heartfelt service, insatiable curiosity and delightfully surprising to just name a few. Every quarter there is a ‘Q Review’, where a finance update is presented and everyone is informed of something new that is happening in the business, after the formalities, Virgin either takes its staff out for cocktails or the movies. The organisation runs an annual ‘SMAFTA’ which stands for the Sales & Marketing And Friends Trip Away where the core business has an overnight trip away to reflect on the past year, have dinner, dress up and most importantly party!

The organisation also offers a ‘newbie lunch’ where every quarter the HR manager and head of Virgin take new employees out to lunch and find out how their first few months in the business is going for them. The organisation also offers education and training programs, both internal and external training programs, with annual performance reviews that offer scope for bonuses and pay increases.

Virgin Mobile has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2015.