Veolia commits to cleaner, more energy-efficient systems


For more than 40 years, Veolia has provided environmental solutions across waste management, water and energy services within Australia and New Zealand. Through processes and technologies, Veolia attempts to evoke behavioural and ideological change in Australia’s attitudes towards water, waste and energy.

Supported by an employee base of more than 4,000 staff, Veolia is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions and develop cleaner, more efficient energy systems.

This year, Veolia was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Innovation and Sustainability in The Australian Business Awards 2014.

Veolia is the first waste company to deliver a solution that addresses alternatives to food production. A unique aquaculture trial being undertaken at Veolia’s Woodlawn facility aims to make the facility as sustainable as possible and take advantage of every opportunity to turn waste into a resource.

Australia’s decreasing supply of seafood, together with the inherent need to recover resources wherever possible, led Veolia to diversify into aquaculture production, utilising heat produced by power generators from the Woodlawn Eco-Precinct.

Barramundi was ultimately selected as the preferred fish to be farmed, given it requires the water temperature in its environment to be at least 28°C, a temperature that could easily be facilitated by the secondary heat generated from the Bioreactor’s engines. At present, the facility can produce approximately 2.5 tonnes of Barramundi per annum.

By identifying opportunities to utilise resources which would otherwise be wasted, Veolia is delivering an alternative solution to not only food manufacturers, but is also influencing end-users to be more aware of how their food is sourced, produced and ultimately consumed. Veolia’s resource recovery infrastructure helps to close the food cycle loop and deliver beneficial environmental and social outcomes for the Australian community.