Sustainable Veolia focused on changing attitude on energy.


In 2011-12 business expenditure on electricity totalled $20.2 billion, of which large businesses accounted for around 52.6%. Businesses within Australia cannot function without a basic supply of energy and water. This necessity comes at a cost, both financial and environmental. Veolia has developed a unique solution to assist businesses measure and manage their environmental pulse.

Veolia understands the issues that companies face regarding water and energy and in response to this have developed innovative ways that promote and facilitate sustainability. The company inspects water pipeline networks and assesses their conditions before implementing maintenance and rehabilitation strategies. As a direct result of Veolia’s work Goulburn Valley Water has seen a vast improvement in water quality across its network.

Veolia has developed an “Energy Live Dashboard,” that organisations are encouraged to install in parts of their facilities with high traffic such as reception – enabling clients, employees and stakeholders to see improvements regarding energy usage. Through “Veolia’s Energy Service Centre” (VESC) an organisation’s energy usage can be remotely monitored and an in-depth report provided with insights into where they can make improvements.

Veolia has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Sustainability in The 2015 Australian Business Awards for its initiatives dedicated to assisting companies reach sustainable usage levels.