Veolia leading the way to a Sustainable Future through Utilities Innovation.


Veolia is an environmental solutions company working with commercial, municipal and industrial organisations to explore sustainable options for energy, water and waste. Renowned for replicating natural systems to solve man-made problems with innovative environmental infrastructure the organisation generates $1.14 billion in revenue, has 4000 employees, and provides water services for more than 3 million people.

The production and supply of water and energy pose a number of complex issues for government, industry and importantly end-users. Veolia understands the problems faced by many organisations that are dealing with the reality of ‘The Renewable Energy Target,’ (RET) which stipulates by 2020 that 20% of all energy will be drawn from renewable sources such as wind and solar power. The problems faced with many organisations is that the short term cost of renewable energy is much more than the cost of coal and gas.

Veolia is committed to connecting energy and water utilities with end users, to relieve cost pressures and ultimately, have a positive impact on environment performance. The two technical deliveries produced by Veolia, namely VESC and smart metering water assets, will help Australian businesses to understand their consumption in real time, with the ability to modify output to ensure ongoing sustainable performance.

This vision to provide complementary solutions to address water and energy production and usage has allowed Veolia to be an active participant in ensuring long-term environmental impacts are minimised within Australia.

Whilst smart metering and remote management are certainly not new concepts, never before have they been used in tandem, to deliver truly sustainable outcomes for both industry and end-users, this is the innovative approach which industry must adopt. Veolia has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in the 2015 Australian Business Awards for its innovation.