Smile Solutions employees valued greatly.


From the humble beginnings of a one room, one dentist enterprise – Smile Solutions has since grown to a private dental practice that occupies 2000 square metres of space, with 50 clinicians servicing a patient base of around 75,000. The clinic is now known as the largest private dental service in Australia and prides itself on its professionalism, cleanliness and unrivalled care and technology. In 2015 Smile Solutions has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards.

Having a number of staff, the practice doesn’t have to worry about employing temporary staff – many of the team are permanent and diversely skilled. The clinic offers its employees a wide range of education and training options, and through supervision new programs can be easily identified and designed to fit particular employees and skill sets. Acknowledgement throughout the workplace community is given to clinicians that regularly receive great feedback from patients, at an annual staff dinner, vouchers and movie tickets are awarded to members of the team who have gone the extra mile throughout the year. It can be seen from a high staff retention rate, and from members of the team travelling long distances to the practice in the CBD as evidence of strong staff satisfaction.