NRMA 2020 vision plan sets out to change lives.


Since 1920 the National Roads and Motorists Association has been Australia’s largest motorist organisation, with 2.4 million members today in NSW & ACT. As a part of their 2020 vision plan, the group aims to grow their business further and to help people in more ways, until they reach a point where they are helping people every day of their lives.

0.6% of the NRMA pre-tax profit goes towards community activities and roughly 30% of its staff take their paid volunteer leave each year. With the groups ‘Buy a Bale’ program, the NRMA set out to support rural and remote communities through charity funding and grant programs to support farmers experiencing drought. The initiative generated $86,566 from NRMA and donators, providing farmers with much needed support, NRMA matched donations of up to $25,000. The campaign consisted of 35 volunteers, improved farming family’s livelihoods and connected farm communities together through the initiative. Not only did the program benefit the community but it also provided great media coverage for the NRMA.

As a result, the National Roads and Motorists Association has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Community Contribution in The Australian Business Awards 2015.