Eidos MindHive: Crowdsourcing more informed policy


Based in Brisbane, Eidos Institute is an independent, not-for-profit public policy think tank dedicated to developing ideas through collaboration to improve economic and social outcomes. It works by applying shared intelligence to public policy challenges and building a network of partnerships between universities, governments, businesses and other social partners. Eidos seeks to create platforms for dialogue around public policy issues of major national importance. It operates under four main platforms including MindHive, Government Exchange, The Program and Policy Platforms Series and Classic Wallabies Exchange.

Research and Development is a key economic concern in Australia with $30 million invested annually, yet there is a deficiency in innovation output and commercialisation of research. Eidos recognised the need for more collaborative research to be undertaken. In response, the low-cost platform MindHive was developed in order to provide a sophisticated, holistic and international framework to effectively collaborate online and change the way policy is informed and constructed.

As an ABA100 Winner, Eidos has been awarded for Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2014. By connecting research experts, industry leaders, and policymakers online, MindHive enables increased involvement and access to information in real time. Employingonline crowdsourcing techniques, opens up quicker and more cost-effective approaches to policy making.MindHive provides an innovative platform through which policy can be co-created, evaluated, and informed by research – aiming to merge the gap between Australian research and responsible policy-making.