Blackmores Animal Health looks after people too!


Blackmores has been established for 80 years as a healthcare company for humans. In July 2010 it acquired Pure Animal Wellbeing, and decided to branch out its expertise to include pet care. Its pet care products are developed by vets and are clinically proven to solve health issues with domesticated animals.

Employee education and training is paramount at Blackmores continual staff development is facilitated through the company’s training development centre. Ongoing education and training sessions are conducted focusing on new technologies and Pet Shop staff are provided regular training via a specialised e-learning platform.

The company runs a Staff Liaison Committee, whose role is to create better communications between staff and management. There is also a Culture Club, which has the responsibility of developing creative ideas for social activities.

There is a strong mentorship program where employees meet with managers twice a year to conduct a review of goals and performance. This dedication to staff engagement has seen Blackmores Animal Health being recognised as an Employer of Choice in the Australian Business Awards 2015.

“Blackmores Animal Health recognises the link between healthy, happy staff and a successful business. Our team enjoys a motivating, eco-friendly workplace with onsite wellbeing initiatives that include naturopathic consultations, meditation classes, a supervised gym and swimming pool, subsidised healthy staff café, and discounted vitamins and supplements. Staff also receive ongoing professional training and their performance is rewarded with twice-yearly profit share and Company awards,” said Tim Scotcher, General Manager.

“We are honoured to have been recognised as the Employer of Choice by the Australian Business Awards 2015.”