Distribution Central prioritises staff needs.


Since 2004 Distribution Central has provided specialised services for IT products. The company has offices in Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand, overall employing 120 staff. Whilst being able to provide a specialised service to its clients, Distribution Central simultaneously has the ability to service a large market across several industries.

The organisation focuses on employing staff that can contribute to the company’s strategic objectives, are passionate, driven and innovative – ready to change, develop and ultimately grow as the company does. Employees are provided with a supportive work environment where they are not micro managed and provided with education and training through different channels. They offer a staff learning centre through an online system called The Learning Management System (LMS), as well as face to face upskilling options. There is a quarterly KPI bonus tied to each employee, and bonuses are paid according to what fraction of their KPIs the employee completes.

Once a fortnight staff have the option of receiving a ten minute massage paid for by Distribution Central, giving employees the opportunity to wind down and relax. Regular reviews of employees are undertaken to determine that the relationship between the organisation and the individual is the right one.

Due to its efforts to maintain a positive and motivating workplace, in 2015 Distribution Central has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards.