Byron Thomas Recruitment Service Excellence.


The Byron Thomas Recruitment agency was launched in 2009 when its pioneers discovered that there was a lack of recruitment agencies with an emphasis on Accounting and Finance in Western Sydney.

The agency has developed a client centric culture that sets out to form long-term relationships with its clients.

The company’s foundation is built on values of passion, integrity, customer service and innovation. Services offered include CV evaluation, psychometric and aptitude testing, career advice, video profiles of candidates and client access to their large marketing network.

The company is very community minded, sponsoring the McGrath Foundation, involvement in Mission Australia and National Tree Day, alongside regular contribution to other charities. The core strategy of Byron Thomas is to attract the best talent to their company and tailor their services to suit each individual client.

Using traditional mediums such as jobseeker websites, the company also uses more progressive methods such as social media networks to find candidates. They provide quarterly market updates where they provide clients with in-depth information about the current state of the employment market, including a salary guide.

Byron Thomas Recruitment has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2015.

“I am very honoured that our company has been selected as a recipient of the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence. This award recognises everyone that has been involved in our journey so far, from our passionate and skilled consultants, warm friendly receptionists, to our amazing suppliers and loyal clients.”

“We all share a perpetual passion and love for helping one another and dedication to delivering the best customer experience and talent solutions.  The most exciting part of our story is at 6 and a half years old we are still rapidly growing and the best parts, are still yet to be written” acknowledged Peter Morgan, Managing Director, Byron Thomas.