JCURVE’s Full Circle software package cuts cost and saves time.


JCurve’s Full Circle Telecom Expense Management software helps companies simplify their telecommunications data, as in its traditional form this data is difficult to analyse and presented in a confusing way. The software saves a great deal of manual time, exposes the true value of this data and reduces costs by an average of 26%.

The core feature of the technology is to give companies more control over telecommunication expenses through intelligence, analytics, dashboards and market solutions, and of course to save money. The software can reduce the time spent on telecommunication bill management by 90%, and creates company-wide transparency relating to costs.

JCurve realise that there are great savings to be made in telecommunications and that many companies could utilise their systems more effectively. The Telecom Expense Management helps businesses do just that.  As a result, JCurve has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Best Software Product and Product Excellence for its Full Circle Software in The Australian Business Awards 2015.