Passion Projects new product environmentally sound and extremely nutritious.


Passion Projects “{allyouneedislove} certified organic raw pea protein+” is a fitness protein supplement designed for fitness and health enthusiasts with a blend of Vitamin D, K, Calcium and other minerals. The product comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours and plays a distinctive role as a performance enhancer.

The {allyouneedislove} certified organic raw pea protein+ has a range of benefits, from building and repairing muscles, supporting cell rejuvenation, boosting natural energy and endurance, to shortening recovery from illness and injury and supporting tendons and joints. It is the first protein powder on the market that is made up of ingredients that properly metabolises protein. Product replacement or refund is made available if the customer is not satisfied. With the environment in mind the company has sourced all ingredients from sustainable sources with the packaging being 100% recyclable. Much research was undertaken in the development of the formula.

In 2015 Passion Projects was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Business Awards for its {allyouneedislove} certified organic raw pea protein+.