Brierty’s agenda is reconciliation focused.


Since 1981 Brierty Limited (Brierty) has provided mining and construction services in Western Australia. Its services include but are not limited to infrastructure work for mines, energy, utilities, pipelines, ports, urban and regional major roads, contract mining and mine maintenance.

Throughout the company’s history, Brierty have laid out a range of methods to assist Aboriginal people economically in a culturally appropriate manner, forming a partnership with the Aboriginal people.

A central principal behind Brierty is to provide employment opportunities to people of Aboriginal descent. Over 13% of Brierty employees identify as being of Aboriginal descent, where 3 years ago this figure was only 1%.

Brierty has strived to provide more opportunities for Aboriginal people and has reached that goal. Brierty currently has partnerships with four Aboriginal businesses, in which they will undertake projects with across WA.

Brierty also contributed to several charitable organisations that provide education and training for Aboriginal people, and continues to contribute to organisations that help ex-offenders of Aboriginal descent return to work.

Brierty has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Community Contribution in The Australian Business Awards 2015.

Peter McBain, Brierty Managing Director says “Reconciliation at Brierty is about providing sustainable employment opportunities for local Aboriginal people in the areas in which we do business, including rural and remote areas.

“We provide career advancement through training and mentoring and build the capability and capacity of local Aboriginal businesses through joint venture and subcontracting opportunities. We have one workforce, with a single focus to deliver results, where everyone is committed and valued”.