TRADIES promotes random acts of kindness.


The Sutherland Trade Union Club, or TRADIES as they are more commonly known, has recently entered its 55th year in the NSW Registered Club Industry. Originally starting in 1960 as a single clubhouse, the organisation now owns three clubs that provide dining, beverage, entertainment, gaming and event facilities.

TRADIES supports more than 120 sporting and charity organisations each year, with over half a million dollars being contributed to good causes annually. In 2014 the club reached a membership of 50,000 and generated a profit of $6 million making it one of the most successful clubs in NSW. CEO of the club Tim McAleer saw a video on YouTube of random acts of kindness done by strangers and wanted to bring this to the organisation. Upon showing the team this video, TRADIES strived to employ a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ attitude and express this to its customers.

As a result of staff performing random acts of kindness on customers, improvements were seen throughout the organisation from profit increase to staff retention. The Sutherland Trade Union Club has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2015 for the Random Acts of Kindness initiative.

Tradies CEO Tim McAleer, “Customer service is the essence of our organisation and we’re honoured to be receiving an Australian Business Award that recognises the outstanding efforts of our staff.

“Our initiative, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ is based on the simple premise that an unexpected act of kindness is more appreciated than anything money can buy. This philosophy has made an indelible impact on both the customer and employee experience at Tradies. We thank the Australian Business Awards for both recognising the value of our initiative and allowing us the opportunity to share it.”