Morlife’s Protein Body does what other protein bars can’t.


Morlife’s ‘Protein Body’ protein bar range is designed to address the problem that many other protein bars on the market have. Competitors generally provide protein bars that build muscle strength and weight control, but for the most part lack nutritional value. The Protein Body bar has been developed to provide protein whilst maintaining nutritional needs.

The bar combines a range of other ingredients such as alkalising greens, Acai berries, brown rice and pea protein, Kale Powder and Organic Barely Grass. Minerals that make up the bar include Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium alongside enzymes like Bromelain, Papain and L-glutamine. Herbs including Withania, Shitaki/Mitaki Mushroom and Siberian Ginseng were added to compliment the other ingredients. The product is vegan, and the company markets it as being perfect for the gym bag, lunch box, handbag or lunch at work. Morlife bases the products success on how it fills the nutrition gap in the protein bar market, by providing protein bars that are full of nutrition.

In 2015 Morlife has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Product Innovation in The Australian Business Awards.