The Flagstaff Group sets new standard as employer of choice for disabled workers


The Flagstaff Group was formed in 1966 to provide meaningful employment for people with a disability, employing 320 people, of whom 258 are people with a disability. The not-for-profit organisation operates numerous sustainable business divisions including print, mail and electronic records management, paper and cardboard recycling, fine foods and catering, a commercial laundry, light engineering, coffee roasting and dry food packaging, grounds maintenance and more.

Flagstaff’s honourable business operations saw the company recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2014.

“It is an honour to be recognised as a leader for our innovation in workplace development across the industry. This award highlights the great work our entire team has been doing to achieve excellence in providing skills, training, support and meaningful employment for our employees,” said chief executive Roy Rogers.

“This award also highlights the support we receive from our customers who utilise our range of products and services, whose business enables Flagstaff to provide employment and training opportunities for people with a disability.”

A socially sustainable organisation, Flagstaff enhances the lives of people with a disability by providing meaningful work, qualifications, advocacy, skills, a social outlet and income. Flagstaff is constantly looking for ways to enhance employment opportunities for people with disabilities by increasing their skills and knowledge through training, support and experience.

All employees take part in a unique annual Flagstaff Employee Plan (FEP) process, which involves identifying any opportunities they would like to work towards and exploring training options, including accredited courses that might assist with this move to further enhance themselves.

Flagstaff Vocational Pathways (FVP) is an unfunded program, offered to students from Year 11-12, designed to provide students with a disability access to work experience and vocational training in a supportive business environment.

Flagstaff also provides a range of additional activities and support services for all employees that focus on maintaining their health, wellbeing and work-life balance, including flexible work arrangements, transport to and from work, recognition for hobbies and achievements outside of work, healthy eating recipe booklets, free tax services, corporate health challenges, an annual Wellbeing Picnic Day, and regular customer and staff recognition morning teas to acknowledge excellent work by key staff. To further engage employees, parents and carers, Flagstaff recently held open days at each of its sites.