St Johns gives school kids first-aid training.


The St Johns Ambulance organisation in WA provides the community with lifesaving first aid skill training and first class ambulance service. Industrial Health, Event Health, and Patient Transfer services alongside the Community First Responder System and First Aid Program. In 2015 St Johns Ambulance has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Community Contribution in The Australian Business Awards.

Back in 2009 St Johns launched “First Aid Focus”, with the goal of providing school kids of all age’s access to vital first aid knowledge and skill development. Dividing the program into three modules, kids are trained to respond to first aid situations by St Johns Ambulance for free. Learning experiences that come from completing the course include, seeking and offering help when needed, communicating clearly, listening actively, negotiating conflict constructively and accepting responsibility and leadership. Through direct marketing to schools, the St Johns website and via their Public Relations team, St Johns Ambulance have significantly increased participation in the “First Aid Focus” program with 375 schools involved and 101,000 school kids receiving the training.