Seeley’s The Braemar 7 Star Ducted Gas Heater cuts CO2 Emissions.


Seeley International has developed ‘The Braemar 7 Star Ducted Gas Heater,’ which is the most efficient and highest star rated conventional gas heater in the world. The Braemar 7 star uses at least 36% less energy, saves $577 a year and reduces CO2 emissions by 1.99 tonnes per year compared to a 3 star model.

The system has an inverted motor, the first of its kind in Australia to sport this feature – this factor greatly reduces energy usage and allows the fan to be more efficient. The Braemar 7 star features a MagIQtouch controller, which is a touch screen control panel similar to an iPhone screen, allowing for intuitive and easy control. Focused on limiting energy wastage, an InShot Burner™ inside the ducted gas heater shapes the flame for maximum heat and reduces wastage. Seeley boasts that its 45% market share of ducted gas heating in Australia is due to its innovative ideas, like The Braemar 7 Star Gas Heater.

In 2015 Seeley International has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Best New Product in The Australian Business Awards.