Rufus & Coco helps manage anxiety in cats and dogs


Launched in the Australian grocery market in 2010, Rufus & Coco has developed an extensive range of well branded, innovative pet vitamins, grooming & cleaning products, fashionable accessories and cat litter that continues to delight pet owners and enable the brand to gain a considerable market share.

Just like people, dogs and cats can suffer from anxiety, fears and phobias. Separation anxiety and noise aversions are especially common, with up to 23% of dogs experiencing anxiety caused by loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms. While some pets are prescribed with antidepressants, Rufus & Coco set out to find a gentle but effective remedy to help improve the lives of both pets and owners.

Rufus & Coco’s Anxiety Aid is a professionally formulated, palatable powdered supplement that can be mixed into your pet’s regular food to help relieve anxiety in cats and dogs. It contains Tryptophan – an essential amino acid that converts to serotonin once consumed along with all natural ingredients that are safe and gentle. It also contains magnesium, essential for a healthy nervous system, B group vitamins and antioxidants.

Since its launch in 2012, Anxiety Aid has experienced steady growth alongside the rapid growth of the Rufus & Coco range within Australian supermarkets and export markets across the globe.

Rufus & Coco was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2014. In response, Anneke van den Broek, Rufus & Coco’s director, said, “Everything we do is built around the promise of providing ‘well bred petcare’ to ensure that pets around the world look good and feel great. So, we’re chuffed that Rufus & Coco Anxiety Aid which helps manage anxiety in cats and dogs has won the Product Excellence award.”