Rackspace Managed Cloud does wonders for small businesses.


Rackspace saw an opportunity in the Australian market to provide small businesses access to cloud services without the complex task of managing it. The company launched Managed Cloud which features a high performance infrastructure, reliability, service and advice that allows businesses to use cloud computing without having to be an IT expert.

The software allows the client to choose which IT services it would like to keep in-house, and what ones it wants to leave to its service provider. The service level of the Managed Cloud software is second to none, with a dedicated accounts manager and 24/7 availability. Architectural advice, security guidance, code development and launch assistance are all a part of the service.

The superior, high-touch service and support is validated by customers in Asia, England and America. Managed Cloud only continues to grow its reputation, and as a result, in 2015 Rackspace has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Best Service Product in The Australian Business Awards.