Passion Projects produces alkalising superfood blend


Passion Projects was launched in 2012 by founders Lynette and Alejandro de la Vega after a personal journey to find clean healthy formulas as nutritional support for their son with dyslexia. After assessing existing products on the market, they found they lacked taste and proper nutritional value with many products using inferior ingredients derived from juice or extracts. Guided by Henry Osiecki, Australia’s pre-eminent Biochemist, the team worked for eight years to find premium ingredients to develop a range of different powder supplements. Recently, Passion Projects has been recognises as an ABA100 Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2014.

{allyouneedislove} Complex Green is an organic superfood blend that combines freeze-dried raw vegetables, fruits, protein, herbs, mushrooms, probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals to create a product rich with nutritional value and calorie efficient. “The ingredients are so important to our diets but finding them fresh is mostly impossible. Taking freeze-dried powder of this quality is the next best thing,” co-founder Lynette de la Vega said.

The separate 81 ingredients are sourced globally and work together to feed every cell in the body in order to boost daily energy, vitality and long-term health, beauty and wellbeing. Free from harmful additives and allergens and artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours, preservatives, stabilisers or emulsifiers, Complex Green is suitable from children, vegans, diabetics, and coeliac and safe to consume during pregnancy. The superfood blend alkalises and detoxifies the body, supports healthy digestion and immunity, enhances brain and nerve function, reduces inflammation, aids healthy heart and liver support, builds and repairs muscles and supports healthy skin, hair, nails and eyes.