PAN Software leads in innovation


PAN Software is a specialist information technology consultancy and product development company based in Melbourne. It provides project management, business analysis, software development, testing and specialist technical expertise to deliver successful software solutions. Leaders in innovation and experts in project management, PAN Software prides itself in consistently delivering successful solutions to diverse industries that meet and exceed customer expectations.

In 2011, PAN Software launched riskcloud.NET, an enterprise risk intelligence software system available as a service on the cloud. The application comprises of ten tightly integrated modules conforming to recognised international and Australian standards to help integrate all areas of risk across the enterprise. Each module services specific business unit requirements whilst at the same time automatically consolidates the data to provide management and the board with a true picture of organisational health. riskcloud.NET features corporate governance, compliance, business continuity, health and safety, risk analytics and audit, risk, incidence, environmental and claims management, replacing multiple applications with the one cloud solution.

Pan Software was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Best Cloud Product in The Australian Business Award 2014. Founder and chief executive George Pantazis said in light of the time it took to develop riskcloud.Net, it was great to receive official recognition. “What we have developed is both unique and innovative, and that it helps make the world a little brighter,” Pantazis said. “As a technology company, PAN Software believes it has the power of positive change in our world. Everyday our software helps keep workplaces safer, mitigates risks and provides recovery strategies in the event of unexpected business disruptions.”