Onesight has a vision for a global health standard.


Onesight provides vision care for over 8.5 million people around the globe, to people that would not have access to it otherwise. Established in 1998, the organisation has sourced millions of dollars of funding into optical research and education, with its volunteers providing excellent services around the world.

One of their goals is to eliminate vision crises’ for all people in Australia who could have their sight restored simply if they had access to an eye exam and glasses. This will in turn close the vision gap felt within Indigenous communities.

More than a third of Australian children haven’t had their eyes tested in the last 2 years, with one in five having never had their eyes tested. To address this situation, Onesight conducted vision assessments at schools, particularly those in low socio-economic areas.

To address the vision problems within Indigenous Australians, Onesight began regular servicing to remote communities and provided vision vouchers with the help of the Salvation Army, Mission Australia and several other organisations.

With the help of 600 volunteers, the lives and sight of many Indigenous Australian’s were directly improved.

As a result of this initiative Onesight has been recognised for Outstanding Achievement in The Australian Charity Awards 2015.

Robyn Weinberg from OneSight said “OneSight believes Australians should have access to eye care regardless of circumstance. We believe access to sight is a basic human right.

“Sight can be the difference between surviving or thriving and life without access shouldn’t condemn you to an unclear future.

“Our metropolitan local clinic program, together with our Indigenous remote program, contributes towards our vision of eradicating the global vision care crisis in our lifetime. We will not stop until the world can see” she added.

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