NetComm Wireless powers innovation


NetComm Wireless is Australia’s leading developer and supplier of high performance communication devices that connect businesses and people to the Internet. For over 30 years, NetComm hasdeveloped a portfolio of world first data communication products, and is arespected global provider of 3G and 4G wireless devices servicing the majortelecommunications carrier, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Rural Broadbandmarkets.

NetComm Wireless’s objective is to develop wireless M2M technologies that give businesses of all sizes and backgrounds the power to innovate. In 2014, NetComm Wireless was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for three categories including Innovation, Best Industrial Product and Product Innovation in The Australian Business Awards.

Their strategy addresses the massive growth of the global M2M sector as existing ADSL networks become obsolete and new opportunities emerge in areas such as transport, utilities, security, retail and health. On a broad scale, NetComm aims to grow through innovation, transition from the consumer market to the global M2M market, leverage their world engineering capability, collaborate with key industry leaders and deliver value beyond connectivity. The company delivers advanced hardware, firmware and software solutions and continues to improve end user experience through the continuous refinement of its user interface and the channeling resources into their R&D efforts. NetComm’s technologies contribute to a new M2M ecosystem where customers can benefit from end-to-end solutions.

NetComm Wireless’ 3G Smart Meter Module has been awarded Best Industrial Product in The Australian Business Awards. The meter can be integrated into any type of water, gas or electricity utility meter to enable remote real-time communication and management of metering data including energy consumption, signal strength, security, connection continuity and fault detection. The 3G Smart Meter Module gives smart meters the intelligence needed to provide governments with a way to hit carbon emission targets, reduce household bills and their carbon footprint, and allow utility providers to reduce the cost of manual meter readings and balance out demand to improve the efficiency of electricity production.

Honoured the Product Innovation award, the Light Industrial product series was launched by NetComm Wireless to revolutionise wireless Machine-to-Machine communications. It is a compact mobile broadband M2M router pre-configured to provide a simple, practical and financially viable connection to machines across diverse industry sectors. Designed for both large and small-scale projects, the Light Industrial is also the first wireless M2M product to provide an affordable out-of-the-box solution. It boasts fewer unessential features while offering all of the functional characteristics needed to deliver M2M capabilities. Equipped with the latest 3G technology, the Light Industrial router will help to drive significant energy savings across every industry sector worldwide by allowing businesses to easily and cost-effectively connect, monitor and manage all of their remote assets.