Award winning software makes memberships Ezy


Ezypay is a direct-debit billing provider with many of their products suitable to support gym and fitness industry membership businesses. The introduction of cloud-based software, iconnect360 aims to empower fitness clubs with a 24-hour sales team, real-time database updates and online sign up features. Recently, Ezypay has been awarded Best Cloud Product in The Australian Business Awards.

The architecture of iconnect360 is based on SaaS (software as a service) and is available in two separate versions with increasing functionality whilst still maintaining the fundamentals of an easy-to-use, intuitive, low maintenance and richly optimised system. The accompanying iconnect360 app for the iPhone and iPad allows potential customers to sign up without paper and pen, eliminating administration headaches from daily business operations. Through the app, users can view the membership agreement, take a member photo and enter the payment details of new initiates. Besides viewing member’s details, business owners can also utilise the app to view the latest business performance statistics.

iconnect360 is the first of its kind to offer integrated payment in membership software. Customers can now collect one-off and recurring payments using Ezypay Billing Solutions with no third party software required. With just a few mouse clicks, principals can retrieve information on each member’s signup plan, personal details, debit details, check-in records, membership upgrades and renewal can be set to automatic within the iconnect360 software.