JETMAX developing technology through research


JETMAX comes under the BYOjet group of companies, which are comprised of the largest online travel agencies in Australia. Professional Performance Systems (PPS) owns both JETMAX and BYOjet with JETMAX technology powering BYOjet websites for the past four years. JETMAX software products facilitate booking for flights, car rental, accommodation and tours and attractions.

Through research, JETMAX discovered that a lot of competing companies, especially in airline booking, feature a very complicated process – with issues such as not being available in English, or the inability to accept foreign credit cards. JETMAX created its products based around the concept of providing customers with a service that is easy to use, with technology designed to be an industry leader in travel booking. Several BYOjet websites have since been launched with the JETMAX technology, with the Australian website being one of the countries ten most popular online travel agents. JETMAX powers the booking technology of 20 websites, and in its six month history has generated $130,000 in sales for the group.

In 2015 JETMAX has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Technology in The Australian Business Awards.