Dry Skin and irritation issues solved by Blackmores’ Pawderm Technology.


The reason behind Blackmores’ development of Pawderm technology was to eliminate dryness, irritation and redness caused by similar products. The PAW by Blackmores grooming range is aimed at guaranteeing the health of the coat and skin of pets.

Veterinarians Australia-wide commonly report skin problems in dogs. The elements found in many mainstream dog shampoos have been discovered to remove oils in dog skin, resulting in symptoms such as itching and dryness. The Pawderm technology developed by Blackmores allows owners to keep their dogs clean without the harmful ingredients found in other shampoos that dehydrate dog skin.

There are range of products that utilise the technology, including Puppy Shampoo, Puppy Conditioning Spray, Classic Care Shampoo, Sensitive Skin Conditioner and many more. The shampoos developed by Blackmores are sulphate free. Cleansers utilised by Blackmores have been shown to retain up to 40% more moisture in the skin compared to sulphate cleansers.

Several veterinarian dermatologists and animal health professional find the Pawderm technology impressive and recommend pet owners to use this product, instead of pet shampoos containing Sulphate based cleansers. Blackmores PAW range promotes healthy skin for pets by eliminating dryness and itching brought on by other pet care products that are on the market.

This innovation has seen Blackmores Animal Health recognised as an ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award 2015 for Product Excellence.

“Blackmores Animal Health combines veterinary expertise with our 80 year naturopathic heritage to provide an innovative range of natural pet products. Our pawDerm® Technology, which features in all our topical products, uses soap free, sulphate free hypo-allergenic formulations to ensure silky tangle-free coats without stripping the natural oils from the skin. It’s a win-win for both pets and their owners,” said Tim Scotcher, General Manager.

“We are honoured to have been recognised by the Australian Business Award’s Product Excellence Award.”